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When Anselm discovers that the Church earlier granted Schwermann and a French associate sanctuary after the war, providing them safe passage from France to England and new assumed identities, he launches a private investigation to find out why. Meanwhile, French expatriate Agnes Aubret, struggling with a debilitating terminal illness, discloses to her granddaughter Lucy her past involvement in a secret assemblage in the French Resistance called The Round Table — a group that intended to conceal Jewish children from the murderous Nazi regime.

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The group was ultimately exposed by an infamous SS officer: Edward Schwermann. As Anselm peers into Schwermann iniquitous dealings and Lucy explores her grandmother's painful past, they discover the two seemingly unconnected histories are entwined, both connected to a French collaborator by the name of Victor Brionne. While avoiding being overly detailed concerning the horrendous atrocities of the Holocaust, he maintains a balanced pace throughout the novel and often takes a step back from the bigger picture, focusing on poignant details that are often missed in novels of this genre.

The focus of this story lies in the events that happened many years ago when Anselm had won a somewhat challenging case by asking the chief witness; the question justified in every aspect of winning the case, but it turns out to have been a deadly and critically the wrong one. The exonerated man wreaks war in some lives, but finally, his net ultimately entraps those who have cleverly defended him in court.

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Anselm own life transforms entirely as he becomes aware of consequences of his performance in court. His inner voice would not let him let, thus forcing him to abandon his job as a lawyer and became a monk.

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As Anselm starts investigating from clues by Elizabeth, he soon discovers the complexity of truth and its deadly power. Suspenseful and psychologically complex, The Gardens of the Dead is a revelation of the inner working of the legal system of England through a rewarding main plot, narrated from the lives of characters who become heroes in their struggle against evils and the possibility of salvation.

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Unfortunately, the monk who could offer them help is long gone. However, no one in the community knows whether Fr. Herbert ever served in the Great War or sat any court-martial.

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If he indeed served in the military, why did he not share with his fellow monks? Was the executed man innocent as his family claimed? As Anselm investigates, he discovers layers of events, deaths, and lives that have intertwined together and continue to reveal the more shocking truth. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master!

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