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It also focuses on small teams to perform the development. Furthermore, it relies on continuous feedback from the customer.

All of these characteristics match the framework described in the Agile Manifesto. Extreme Programming meets the Agile methodology framework. One Agile characteristic it utilizes is its iterative releases.

Extreme Programming Practices

Extreme Programming relies on short one to two week releases of functioning software. These short releases allow the customer to provide continuous feedback as the software is released. With retrieval of continuous feedback, Extreme Programming, like the other Agile programs, require close constant communication with the customer and continuous customer participation in the process.

Constant customer participation and communication is a very important aspect of the agile framework that Extreme Programming fully adheres to. User stories used in Extreme Programming replaced the bulkier requirements documentation obtained in the traditional methods. Furthermore, along with the user stories, negotiation of what features will actually be included in each iteration is important to the planning phase of Extreme Programming.

Extreme Programming Practices

The negotiation activity is important because it helps establish better understanding and more realistic expectations between the development team and client. When realistic expectations are established, they are more likely to be met, which in turn leads to high customer satisfaction. Another way Extreme Programming utilizes communication with the customer is through obtaining continuous feedback during testing.

Acceptance testing is one of the major activities where the customer is heavily involved. Do you want to help developers reach their full potential? Do you want to impress clients by delivering a great product on-schedule and on-budget? Then this module is the place for you!


In this module, you will learn some Agile methodologies that are practiced in the industry today. This module will cover the Scrum and Extreme Programming methodologies.

Uncovering Steady Advances for an Extreme Programming Course

The practices in these methodologies are some of the most popular practices in the industry today. They provide practices that will help to maintain organized and effective development. The best design for software is the simplest one that works. If any complexity is found, it should be removed. The right design should pass all tests, have no duplicate code, and contain the fewest possible methods and classes. XP practitioners highlight that chances to simplify design are higher after the product has been in production for some time.

Then refactor incrementally to implement your new understanding and design. A team must have common sets of coding practices, using the same formats and styles for code writing. Application of standards allows all team members to read, share, and refactor code with ease, track who worked on certain pieces of code, as well as make the learning faster for other programmers.

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Code written according to the same rules encourages collective ownership. Each team member can review and update code. The practice helps avoid code duplication. The implementation of collective code ownership encourages the team to cooperate more and feel free to bring new ideas.

Extreme Programming in a Research Environment

System metaphor stands for a simple design that has a set of certain qualities. First, a design and its structure must be understandable to new people. They should be able to start working on it without spending too much time examining specifications. Second, the naming of classes and methods should be coherent. Developers should aim at naming an object as if it already existed, which makes the overall system design understandable. To adhere to these requirements, they should feel well and rested.

Keeping the work-life balance prevents professionals from burnout. In XP, the optimal number of work hours must not exceed 45 hours a week.

Extreme programming

One overtime a week is possible only if there will be none the week after. These are the factors to consider. Highly-adaptive development. XP was designed to help development teams adapt to fast-changing requirements. Risky projects. Teams applying XP practices are more likely to avoid problems connected with working on a new system, especially when a product owner sets strict deadlines for a project. Automated testing. Available customer participation. As XP requires customers, developers and managers work side-by-side, make sure your client can spend time in the office until a project ends.