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More meadows.

See a Problem?

More skylines. More subways.

More restaurants. More people. More cultures. More countries. More smiles. More markets. More coastlines. More concerts. More waterfalls.

More deserts. More elephants.

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More yet-blazed trails. More open roads. These people and places speak to me. That and the health insurance. W hat do I mean by see less of the world suffer? It means to fully give as much of myself to as many people as possible. This means more favors. More quiet activism. More writing. More cooking. More picture-taking.

More music. More good turns. More random acts of kindness.

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More speaking engagements. More podcast episodes. More philanthropy. More volunteer work. More long talks with friends. More listening to strangers. That and watching the Philadelphia 76ers make the playoffs. I have no desire to take credit for any of it, I just want to know that it happened. I find myself now just wanting to surround myself with pretty places, and create pretty things to help other people feel less lonely and more permanent.

And there was too much preoccupation with Mark. We hear about their history more than once, and about the one time they got together. I ended up skimming. I hate when I have to skim. I think I would have just looked at him until her expressed his feelings in a more flattering light.

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Bottom line: The book is fun, if at times a little annoying. View all 3 comments. Oct 26, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-contemporary-romance , higgins-love , read , listened-to-audiobook , one-click-authors , absolute-favorites , i-met-the-author , stand-alone-novel. For the exception of a rushed ending, it was perfection. Super funny, some tears, a beautiful wedding scene, and another great satisfying resolution with a man who thinks it's OK to take advantage of our very sweet heroine.

If you're a Higgins fan, check out this one! My favorite quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. So snap out of it. View 2 comments. Mar 22, Karen rated it really liked it. Loved the book, but I had a bit of trouble warming up to the hero in this one. Not even the sappy ending could convince me to like him.

What a backhanded declaration of love that was. Well, on to the next one! View all 8 comments. Mar 19, Didi rated it liked it Shelves: romance. The heroine is often a little quirky, maybe over pleasing, often self-deprecating. She has a big heart and a strange but loving family. Don't forget the token mutt! The hero is usually the strong, silent type. He'll see something in the heroine he doesn't in others, and eventually if he doesn't already, will fall madly, deeply in love with 3. He'll see something in the heroine he doesn't in others, and eventually if he doesn't already, will fall madly, deeply in love with her.

There's always a healthy dose of emotional angst, hilarious moments, fantastically endearing secondary characters and a sweet and affecting romance. Honestly, What's not to like? For me, LOVE. This book followed the recipe mentioned above and while one might think it would get redundant, it doesn't. Every book gives you something special, something that stays with you. Ian the hero was good, not my favourite male in KH's world, but good enough.

He was sweet and excruciatingly honest, but also too quiet and reserved for my liking. But truthfully, I think Callie, the heroine, needed exactly that. Eventually when I've read all of KH's booksand I'm quickly getting there! View all 25 comments. I see her point. All I Ever Wanted sounds like it's somewhat closer to traditional romance than Higgin's other books, but it still spends a good deal of time on the heroine's family, career and relationship with someone other than the book's hero, in proportion to time spent on the primary romance.

All I Ever Wanted

And apparently some romance readers find this unsatisfying. I'm not one of them. Call it women's fiction, RRRJessica recently blogged claiming that Kristin Higgins writes women's fiction, not romance. Call it women's fiction, call it chick-lit, call it "Fiction with strong romantic elements," whatever, I really enjoyed it. It's well-written, funny, engaging fiction, and people fall in luv, and that's good enough for me.

In fact, I would make a case that the time spent on other elements in the book actually work for the primary romance. In this case, our hero Ian is a quiet, withdrawn, difficult to approach man. Narrator Callie describes him as having a "splash of Aspergers"; as the mother of a boy with Aspergers, I'm somewhat ambivalent about that, but I'll let it go. The two really need time to develop a believable relationship and to sort out some inevitable "opposites-attract" type conflicts.

And Callie needs to grow as a person and sort out some past issues to be ready for a relationship with Ian. So yes, that does make this chick-lit. But it's good though. Feb 17, Tammy rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , chick-lit , Callie Grey - short for Calliope Homer's muse - is turning thirty.

She lives with her cranky, adorable grandfather, Noah, and is in love with her childhood crush, Mark.

As coal companies fail, the workers are being left with nothing

Mark also happens to be Callie's boss. After a brief fling, Mark dumps Callie, telling her the timing is not right for a relationship.

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  • She clings to those words and wastes spends the next year pining after Mark. But then Mark announces that he has a new girlfriend - a client's daughter - and he is bringing her to work for the c Callie Grey - short for Calliope Homer's muse - is turning thirty. But then Mark announces that he has a new girlfriend - a client's daughter - and he is bringing her to work for the company.