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Why is thinking about my protagonist's sex life something that only happens when an in-depth romance pops up? If I'm going to occupy this person's life, let me occupy it, fully.


Odyssey was never obligated to offer that. And it's still a compelling game, if a bit paint-by-numbers. But there's so much more that it and games like it could be doing, if they really want to make their worlds as compelling as possible.

But hell, while I'm in Greece, I might as well try to find Odessa. See what she's up to.

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You never know. Related Stories. Telltale's Heart. Julie Muncy.

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Lauren Smiley. Jennifer Ouellette, Ars Technica. Steven Levy. Virginia Heffernan. That said, some moments of physical comedy did tickle me.

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And yet, there is something prudish in the content of their bickering. It seems as if sex really stresses them all out even though they have no hesitation about engaging in it.

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